A birthday confession


Well, I guess I just have to confess how special birthdays are to me. I know that for some, birthdays are just like any ordinary day of the year and it would not be surprising if they let it pass by: unnoticed. For some others, it is even worse- if I could judge it as such- because, for them, birthdays are but a reminder than another year of one’s life has elapsed and that they have stepped into what remains of their life (too optimistic, huh?!).

Anyways, I can’t trace back my zeal for my birthdays, for I have no idea as to how that started. Yet, I remember that on a given birthday, I told my mother that that was the last birthday I was going to celebrate. Of course, I did not mean that as I was only throwing hints that I actually wanted a birthday party that year instead of just getting a kiss on the cheek and probably some small gift. And what did she do? She took it very pessimistically and told me to stop that nonsense, for she probably took it as a bad omen!

As the years went by, I grew looking forward to my birthdays; I’d even experience the birthday feeling a week before. I was never looking forward to gifts, but only that feeling of probably being special, or maybe I just fell in love with that date (July 15th), maybe it was about those texts, messages, words, wishes I was getting from my family and friends. They always reminded me of who I am, how my people see me: with a quasi-permanent large smile, bright determined eyes, a loving heart … well, that always gives me the chill and makes me feel special…

So, here it is…. I think that birthdays are special because of all the kindness that surrounds me on that day, that it is actually the loving thoughts of my people that make them so special and precious, and that makes me so grateful for who I am and for the people I have in my life. Because of you all, I am reborn, each and every birthday ❤ ❤


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