Back to life

I11351470_1568589473401172_910218471930676264_n have long thought of what my come back post should be like. Should it consist an apology for having deserted this blog and probably with it my readers? The more I thought about it, the more I postponed writing. Then, I just decided to apply one of the lessons I have learned: When something needs or has to be done, then do it. Do not think too much about it.

And now, here I am writing and letting my thoughts flow freely, creating their own sense. Still, I cannot let the question as to why I have not been writing escape. Talking about writing with a friend, he told me that happy people did not write. I considered this thought for a while. Have I been too happy to write? Nah, I have been too far from happiness. In fact, I have been drowning for some time. Life has been incredibly hard on me and on those surrounding me. I have lost a few dear ones, to death or to some unknown force, with or without a reason. In sum, life has slapped me in the face, back and forth. Therefore, I can claim my right to say that it is not only happy people who do not write. You could be too bereaved to write, too heavy to write…. you could be going through a phase where all your feelings are stocked in a bundle. Then, there comes a time when you let it all go and tell the tale, and I guess this is high time I told my tale… Here is I am back.


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