Until further noctice

ImageSo, I have spent the past year in Poland- the experience being quite demanding but above all very rewarding. It has been a year of travels and encounters, of hopes and deceptions but above all of personal growth. Oush! Such a year!!

I have all along felt good about having a permit of stay in Poland which made it easy for me to travel around the EU Schengen countries and spared me the trouble of getting visas, which is not an easy task after all. I took advantage of that and travelled across 10 countries in one year (oh how proud I am of that!). The fun part is finished now, however.  My last day in Poland had been a complete horror as I turned into an illegal. That is, my visa expired one day before my scheduled flight and I have been horrified because I knew well  how sensitive this whole immigration legal or illegal is. What are they going to do to me? Everyone was telling me everything was going to be fine since I was leaving the EU, and everything was fine actually except for the quite not easy to explain look of the immigration officer that did not even bother to stamp my passport. My next concern was if next time I was going to apply for visa – which was to be a month later- there will be no issues. When I did go to apply for visa, the officer of course asked me why my passport stamp –from the Moroccan officers- shows that I came back only two days after the expiry of my permit of stay and I had to explain and tell stories and get questions about whether I mean to come back to Morocco when my next visa expires and that there would be more reasons for me to stay even illegally, oh! The shame! I got the visa anyways and I did come back to Morocco even the expiry of my visa.

My return! That is the story! I had to come back for something and I could not even grab my suitcase because I was in another place, so I left everything behind, all of my stuff stayed in Warsaw (but thanks God, safe at a friend’s). Now the issue is, if I want to go back for my stuff, I need to apply for visa again because the old one was for single entry. I need to have reasons why I want to go. I need to answer unnecessary questions. Hmm… Then, welcome to the 21st century. Welcome to the World that had turned into a small village! Welkom!


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