The Taming of the Shrew


Finally, the snow is something from the past. The long-awaited Spring is here and I am becoming more of myself. It has been the longest winter I have had in my entire life; in one word: A DRAMA! It was my first encounter with the snow, all previous encounters being looking through my window in Fes and seeing the distant mountains all clad in white. I never really approached the white mountains, being the cold-hater that I am.

In fact, I do hate cold, in all its manifestations. I hate the real cold that makes the body shiver, and I also hate that of people. For, yes, there are cold people and there are the too cold people. There are many types, like those who simply think they are above all when they score really below in the humanity scale. There are also those that have chosen to numb themselves and their feeling, probably in response to something really bad that happened to them. They have chosen not to feel anymore. In response to an unlimited number of things that occurs across the journey of life, especially when you start experiencing life, walking with all the pride and confidence in the world, energetic-ally, bouncily that you might close your eyes, then you get the first slap, something shrinks in you.  You become more awake- or that is what you think. Then, out of nowhere, the second slap downs on your face. Then, successive slaps pervade… With each slap, something shrinks in you. You try- or even endeavor to adjust yourself, to change, to tame the free spirit in you. The impetuous you- you call it…. Then something dies. You numb your feelings, your enthusiasm, your willingness to explore new things… You just cling to the new cage you invented for yourself… The shrew in you is tamed, not realizing you never considered how much you should be willing to tame…. without going numb.

P.S: The drawing was the outcome of  feelings triggered by an awfully  snowy day


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