Questions and Answers



As I wander through a very long trail of thoughts, a sudden question stops me: what is more important: questions or answers?

I thought the answer to this question would be easy, like saying: questions are more important because they provide direction, or else, answers are better because they generate peace (but are they? Haven’t we all regretted knowing the answer to something because it turned out too far from what we expected)?

The more I thought about it, the more and more complicated things grew. What questions are we talking about? Are we talking about those questions we put, or those that are imposed on us through our life journey? Huh? Are we talking about the dissuasive questions we sometimes tend to put while facing something we feel uneasy about? Or, are we talking about experiences, for each experience can be seen as a question we have to answer, thus, testing our capability of handling the situation, regardless of the fact that we never had any sort of directions or pre-knowledge of what should or should not be done in such cases, nor did we know what would be considered the best answer.

Then, does that mean the answer is more important? How can we put questions but at the same time be sure that they are not unnecessary, like those whose only influence is to cripple us and make us lose our way to what ought to be the answer. Is there one and only one answer to the different questions that life insists on throwing on our way? What and who decides what is best? Haven’t we all been warned not to do something (assuming that something was a response to a question (an experience) that imposed itself on us), then someone finally dared to face it, and made something out of it  and  has then been hailed and praised?

What is what? What is a question and what is an answer? What is a good question? And what is a good answer?

Questions, questions, questions- they are looming everywhere and I ask I ask I ask…



One thought on “Questions and Answers

  1. We are not always praised for finding answers to the questions the people we seek acknowledgement from never asked, nor care to know… Perhaps, Q & A sessions are not as important as delivering on truth, even if it goes unheard, or unanswered… Now therein lies the rub: personal truths, need not be universal truth. Right? 🙂

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