IMG_3267It has been a while since I last wrote anything, and although I have had the urge to write several times, I just kept postponing it what with my computer breaking down and me being too busy for anything at all!

There has been a lot to write about, however- new realities, little achievements, joyful trips and times spent that are worth memorising and sharing…

Anyway, I think the compelling daze I had for the past month and a half accounts for all of this. Yes! being dazed, you totally cannot do anything that entails having a clear mind. I recall being even more dazed a year ago; I was a newly graduate, with umpteen options and possibilities ahead, my heart attached to a city I was leaving, and millions of questions turning in my head: a turmoil!

The following eight months had not turned any better… Questions acquired their own life, and a form, too- that of a dark giant keeping you away from sleep at night and poking you at the very hours of the morning, stirring your fears and anxities and blocking your sight.

The only thing that was soothing enough, joyful enough and good respite had been darting to Tangier. It was such a bliss to be there, walking by the beach, roaming the streets- encountring familiar faces and hearing familiar sounds… Nothing was like it! It gave me peace of mind and enough power to stand face to the questions and mock them, too- I was even too happy, cherishing the clarity of sight I needed to realize that any question is only as big as you let it be, that in times of hardships, you need to see beyond your nose..

All in all, it’s been quite a year! Hard, hopeful, confusing, instructive, mean, inspiring, dark, enlightening but I guess life was giving me a taste of what it is, what it could be like at times, and how our reactions influence its flow…

Now, I am just glad I am ready to set off in few days- achieving one of my dreams and wearing the winner’s medallion!





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