A Manual for Life


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  Sometimes I wonder how it would be like to have a manual for life, what colour and size it would be.. Would it be the heavy type? How many chapters could it possibly contain? And mostly, could life be encompassed in a bundle of papers?

  It does happen to me that I get boringly lost, and just as I got used to seeking refuge in google once I got stuck with a word or expression while translating, I automatically think of googling my state of boredom or feelings of confusion, in hopes of getting a glimpse of what to do, or being disillusioned .


Of course, that works when the problem is about getting an idea of what to do when my phone does not work, or when an expression does not seem right. However, things seem more complicated when it is more of a human/ personal issue, like asking google why some people are very dumb and ungrateful, or why my friend does not pick up the phone or return my calls although I have been trying to reach her throughout the morning. Also, no search engine would tell me why people change, how to tell they were/are being honest, or how long my hardships would take to end…

Funny enough, I once got so bored that I googled it: “What to do when I am so bored?” A question to which I got plenty of search results; I pressed the first link. The first suggestion was for me to do something I really loved. As I am fond of walking and cycling, I thought of that, but then, I remembered how walking safely in my city is merely a dream, how I have not to carry my phone or else put it on silent mode, as I’d probably be mugged at a point of my walk; thus my walk would turn into a sequence of freaky thoughts or a try of reading the thoughts and expressions of whomever passes by… Maybe biking would be better,but then, I will have to go out of town, enduring comments when still in the city and the demeaning looks being projected on the perverted female creature daring to ride a bicycle once I got to the nearest village! Then, I realize I have to figure out what to do for myself. Google cannot have any helpful answers in such cases, really.

I always fight very hard, trying to figure out ways to go through whatever is happening and I do succeed most of the time. However, things get very tough at times, so I talk to my father or my grandfather, or anyone I think have suceeded in dealing with such a thing before. Of course, I realize I cannot solve my issues the same way they did but I still get inspired and go on- having faith that I am facing a thing that can be overcome. Then, once everything is over, I realize another chapter was added to my manual of life, and I understand that each one of us compose their own manual, with the colours they want, or the ones they are compelled to choose. Yet, the manual stays incomplete until one dies…


4 thoughts on “A Manual for Life

  1. interesting, a comprehensive knowledge abt daily life hardships comes by experience, theories do help sometimes but past experiences help more. we are to overcome challenges in order to understand them well.

    • I agree completely, Abdelhay… No matter how much knowledge you have about something, you never really understand it until you have experienced it; or that is what I came to realize so far.

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