From Berman’s translation horizon…. to the horizon of the translator – Across 520 Tangierian days…




Here is a smile, a  laugh, a caress, a whisper….

Here is the souvenir of a nice morning,  a cup of coffee or  tea, and a heart-to-heart chat with Khalti Fatima……

Here is a stroll at the beach … a walk at the boulevard… a nice class…. and a beautiful morning song…

Here is a soft smile at 520 tangierian days!

At their rememberance, things  seem to have gone quiet well-  hard and delightful  times are now praised with a large smile… 

Sweet things….  delightful things ….  beautiful things


Road branches

Twisting ways…. high ways… quick ways… sandwiched ways

I recall O’s Roads of Destiny. Three road branches and a lost poet in quest of his own way-  in quest of su destino… taking three journeys to culminate each in the same ending- death….

Could each one of us have that privilege?  To walk through different roads, explore the options, and then have the luxury to choose?

Knowing the end, however, seems even harsher than being in the middle of a maze-… As you walk through the second road- having explored the first and known what the end is like- will you take your journey in the same enthusiasm? Taking success for granted?  Or not wanting to go out of the maze knowing that failure or death are at the exit, stalking you and ready to devour you the very moment you stepped out?

That is exactly it! The curse of not knowing, The curse of knowing, …..

As the winds blow very hard, you ask:

Will the phoenix be able to gather all its ashes when they have been thrown away by the winds?

Will Cinderella’s feet go back to their former size to fit in once again? Wouldn’t it be an act of denial and annihilation?

There are ways to go….

which  one to choose… ?


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