Always, Always, ALWAYS the day after tomorrow


So after  over a five-month wait, I am moving Dubai-wards tomorrow. All along this period, it’s been so hectic. I was supposed to be there in February, then by early march; today is May 10th and I am still here in Morocco!! This leads me in turns to think of how hard it is for a Moroccan to get out of the country, not everybody for sure, yet, it’s a fact!

When I think about how the process of getting a visa to Dubai and actually going there was, I cannot but be surprised at how much patience it all required, how ridiculous it made me feel at times, and how many questions it stirred! The trip has always been delayed for one reason or another. First, I had to wait for visa to be issued. After 10 to 13 days of wait, the answer was: you’ve got the initial acceptance, still, one of your parents needs to come with you! What the heck?! I am 23 years old! Why so?! I am not a MINOR!!! Ok! Let’s deal with that. Since my mother is the only one in my family, besides me and my sister –just recently-, who has a passport ( which gives an idea about how often Moroccans travel/ think of travelling abroad), it was abvious my mother was the one to accompany me.

So my mother applied for the visa which she got. Ok! now, time to wait for her holidays so we can go. Here comes the holiday. My sister and her fiance decide it’s time for them to get married. Ok! we can wait for a day or two. My sister gets married, then great! It’s time for us to travel! Nah, not really. All flights are fully booked till the holiday is over. Aha! Maybe, we should try something else! For example, my uncle could come after me. Let’s check with the immigration office, then! “No, that can’t be it’s one of her PARENTS!”

What to do, now? My mother should get a permission away from work so she can take me. Yes, and here starts the real work! Documents to be signed. People to contact. Going back and forth a million times! Every time, we learn about a different document we need to prepare so as not to have problems at the customs’, among which is a permission my father should sign for my mother to be able to take me out of the country, just in case she was running away with me. For God’s sake!! I am 23!!! Now all the paper work is done, we’re left with only one paper to be signed and we’ll be off to Dubai tomorrow!

No, it’s not tomorrow! it’s the DAY AFTER TOMORROW. I just received a call and it turned out the final nail in the coffin won’t be digged till tomorrow, so till the day after tomorrow comes, I will let you know what happens! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Always, Always, ALWAYS the day after tomorrow

  1. Probably one of the biggest injustices people from this side of the planet suffer from. All those who went through the visa process know how humiliating it can be, why should some people have the right to go wherever they want and not others? Do we come from Mars?

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