How evil could we have been?



                                                              I think the elighten_by_xetobyte-450x250most interesting, say unbearably painful moments of one’s life is that moment they are obliged to shift points of view.

For a moment, one discovers they are not the center of the universe! And what a shock that is! Some of us would react, just like churchmen did when Galileo declared the earth wasn’t the center of the universe. They try to deny it and go to the extent of mudering whatever hints at that… Others like the idea because it makes theirs existence less of a burden, while some make themselves the center of the universes they create… yeah! People’s reactions are different… Yet, the idea takes some time to coexist with…

When I think about this, I always go back in time and space, mainly to my grandmother’s house because that’s where all was into play. I remember my aunts, the married ones and those who hadn’t been married yet. The house was the family haven, the center of our universe. We were the good people left on earth, always loving all that is Good for people. For each story, our point of view had been the rightest one, for weren’t we the Good guys, afterall? I say we although I was so much of a spectator back then, but always assuming all that my grandmother and her offspring did was the rightest thing to be done, and of course, I would inherit most of that; as to the rest, I was learning it all the way! Wasn’t that true?

I don’t know how I was thinking of other people; those who were good among them; those who were bad guys, spreading Evil and destruction all over, whether by their inclination to all that was evil and monstrous, or by their innate bad will and their hatred towards the people around them…. When there was a fight with the neighbours, we were always the right party, for we always helped people, we always meant good for people; we couldn’t have done anything wrong to anyone, or even if we happened to cause some harm to people; we did not mean it afterall!

We were the people that knew how everything should be done, how everything should be handled. For me, the rest of the world remained clumsy; I don’t think I ever imagined or thought about how other people led their lives, or if they even existed when I wasn’t seeing them!

One day, our neighbour’s granddaughter came over; she was nearly the same age as I was and at a point of our conversation, she was describing how her life was arranged, her friends, her school and how she arranged her clothes depending on what she wears them for- she had special clothes for school, clothes for when she was out with family and friends and clothes for when she was home. I was surprised. It sounded like a brilliant idea! For sure I had clothes that I wore at home, but the rest of my clothes were both for when I was at school and when I was out! How come none of my family members thought of categorizing the last ones, too? And most importantly, how could an OUTSIDER get this brilliant idea, and not us? Weren’t we the source of all awesome ideas?!

That was a slap in my face, an offense I wasn’t prepared for! I threw incredulous looks at the girl who might have sensed something weird and excused herself while my mind was fighting against the tiny detail that was shaking the center of my universe!



4 thoughts on “How evil could we have been?

  1. It is truly amazing how I could relate to every bit of this post. I have lived similar moments where my perceptions of what’s around me has been turned upside down… Great Job Fadoua as always !

  2. haha .. that’s true for me as well .. sometimes I say: “if i am good and my friends are good, and my friends’ friends are good .. who are the bad guys ? can you show me just one ?” .. i really like the way you described this .. I also liked the tiny detail that shook your universe 😀 .. keep it up ..!!

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