Forget me not (2): Zineb and Hassan






It is actually quite intricate talking about memory. When we have lived something to the fullest and cherished every moment of it, should we just forget it all when it ends so badly? Does a tragic end, in its recent-ness erase all the sweet things that preceeded it?

  What do we do with all the memories we amass? Those that make us smile, those that make us sad, those that make us torn apart? Should we just threw them to the wind? How could that be? How do we give respect to the dead? Do we have to forget?


Does a most recent behaviour decide what the relationship should be like, regardless of all that had been? Should one understand from a most recent inappropriate behaviour from someone else that all has come to an end? And just forget?!

Then, would the death of someone, which could as well be interpreted as an inappropriate act from the person who had died- given that it inflicts so much pain in us, entail an abligation of forgetting?

Almost two years ago, my little cousin passed away, as if nothing had been. She was one year and four months old. Everybody loved her and everybody was shocked to see her depart in an eye flick. Now, her remembrance tickles the heart and gives way to a deep sigh; it’s painful and yet I wouldn’t want to forget her. I still remember her birthday and, sadly, her death-day, too… I also remember her both when life gets harsh on me and in my moments of ecstasy, as if she were still living, but in other forms…

Almost a year later, death came as though to remind us of the abrupt unannounced visitor he could make. It was a beautiful Friday if it were not to the news that called it a day. Hassan was stabbed, and gone, too! Was that real? Could it even happen on a beautiful spring day?! The news was the news. Hassan was gone for real; we’ve seen him sleep soundlessly. His rememberance; however, is still alive in everyone who had known him, who had seen him smile… It surely brings so much sadness to the heart of whomever remembers him but everyone would still remember and pray for him…


                                                                                                                    (To be continued)




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