Life is a Croissant



    Waking up early in springtime can be such a bliss, especially when it has just rained and you are surronded by a large green space with orange trees, spreading the aroma of their blooming flowers. Nothing can be as refreshing, as relaxing! It can even push the urge for a nice breakfast- a cup of coffee, tea or orange juice with a croissant..!

    That was exactly how I started my day. I woke up at around six thirty; it was chillish and the place smelled of orange that I really hankered for a cup of coffee and a croissant!

    I run to the nearby shop, ordered coffee and croissant. Coffee was really good, and as I always like to have the chocolate in my croissant by the end, I enjoyed every bit of the croissant and lingered for the chocolate part. Then, I just went so mad!!!! WHERE IS MY CHOCOLATE!!!!! There was only a tiny little bit of chocolate there!!! Why the heck was that?!!! Why can’t I have a fair portion of chocolate!!

      I remember when we were small children; my mother would bake croissant at home and we would always sneak to the kitchen, find the croissant wherever that was, eat the chocolate part and then we would throw away the rest of the croissant. But as I grew older, I always seemed to leave the chocolate part till the end! I enjoyed it more that way, except for the times when my friend would wait until I am almost there to snatch the chocolate and I would just stand there speechless- astounded!

      Now it occurs to me that life is just like a croissant; it actually is. Although all croissant might look the same, they’re always different in the inside. Sometimes there is a whole stick of chocolate in them; other times, there is only a tiny little piece in there. Sometimes you come across the chocolate at the first bite; other time, you get it at the last bite and it might happen that you don’t get any!

      Also, there are some who would prefer to start with the sweet part first- the chocolate part. Others would prefer to have it last, enduring first then getting rewarded. And surprisingly enough- like my friend put it the other day- some wouldn’t want to have the chocolate at all!



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