Coffee and a Lesson

Coffee and a Lesson

“Something I claim to be about coffee, and yet it is NOT about coffee.”

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    More than eight years ago, I started using the internet. Of course, we did not have a computer home back then. But I would go to a cyber café with my father, where we would spend most of our time, making up for the time mom and my siblings were away. 

   In the beginning, I would roam the chat rooms, in Caramail, Yahoo or MSN. Something about which dad would go furious. Then, a new history would begin. Dad would decide to introduce me to online (writing) forums, and my life would change, radically. Instead of being lost in the chatrooms, chatting to random strangers, I would read articles, short stories and poems, and follow the discussions going on. I would even start throwing comments here and there, and end up writing my very first short story. I made friends from across the world, and always hesitated as to whether reveal my real age or not, as I was only 13 back then!

     My friends would always talk about how having a cup of coffee and listening to Fairuz in the morning would make their day. I agreed on the Fairuz part, but not the coffee part; I hated coffee back then and never thought I’d ever consider tasting it.   

    Years have flown by. I lost some of the virtual friends I made. I became close to some others. What lasted though was the effect those online forums had on me. I have become another person, a relatively wise one. I did great at school, I was the star of Arabic classes; my teachers commended my writings and analyses. My life changed significantly. However, my hatred towards coffee remained the same!! Tea was my cup of tea.

    It was not until last year that I have ever dared to taste coffee. A sip at a time. Then, my walks would not be any fun without me holding a plastic cup of coffee with just a little bit of sugar. My kitchen would smell of coffee every evening; a cup of coffee would exert more temptation on me than my love of all the time, sweet tea. Fairuz would be more appealing to me with a cup of coffee in hands! Yeah, I finally understood the magic of that moment!

By then, I knew well that everything can change; even the biggest of your fears, as was coffee for me, could become your joy of all of the time. I learned that one’s perception of things could change unexpectedly, just like coffee changed from being my biggest fear to becoming my drug.




3 thoughts on “Coffee and a Lesson

  1. Yes .. perceptions change as we gain more experience in life .. and I guess that we need to be selective when it comes to acquiring perceptions ..!!

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