Some Sombre Midnight Thoughts

hands giant

It’s past midnight and I still cannot sleep. I spent the whole day arranging my room, and how exhausting and depressing that was!

Trying to put everything into order was not easy at all!! Old CDs, books, phone cards, souvenirs from past journeys, newspaper articles, notebooks, rusted cassets, dust-filled boxes, chipped cups…. A REAL MESS!!!

My thoughts were a mess as well, meandering here and there- causing an ultimate rumble….Really, I just started tossing things by the end of the day….!

Now, My midnight thoughts are all focused on how unfair that was! Why didn’t I give everything its due attention? But, then, it occurs to me that the world itself is unfair!

And my thoughts go back to a picture I’ve seen on facebook; an old street seller, wrapped in a plastic bag- his shelter from the rain-, selling oranges; probably his only means to make a living.

I wonder why it is so hard for some to make a living while others are so talented in the art of wasting money? Then, it feels like those giant hands, in charge of putting the world into order, just toss things once they start to feel “tired” and, thus, the world is never really in order, just like my room…



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