Of People and Revolutions…



Finally, after a stressful semester, I get my share of  temporary freedom. So I seek refuge in my old notebooks and diaries over a nice song of Sheikh Imam and a cup of sweet Moroccan tea.

As I go through my old writings, I smile, laugh, and sometimes my eyes fill with tears in praise of the old days!

Fes: 20-07-2004: ‘Today’s generations are creating the traumas of the  future’

Yes! That must have been the subject which have given me real agony for years and years on….

I always thought about Arab young people… How hypnotized they were; drowning in a sea of video clips, Mexican soaps, star academies and the promises of instant fame…

All of this contrasted to a life of misery, a life full of poverty, tragedies of people dying of fever because they could not afford buying medicine or even seeing a doctor, not to speak of the complete absence of Democracy and freedom of speech.

My question was: would they ever wake up? Will it be too late?

Ordinary people changing the flow of history:

While we think that everything is stable, and that history will  forever flow in one and only one direction, for bad or for good; that the tyrant will be there forever, ruling us, something happens and history stops being the same again….

I cannot help thinking of the nine year old Phan Thi Kim, photographed as she ran, naked while her body was in flames; that incident changed the world’s public opnion about the war in Vietnam.

Now, I think about Bouazizi; the little boy he made, his parents and what they wanted to make of him; Bouazizi playing in the streets of Tunisia, going to school, to university, graduating, looking for a job but then drowning in despair, selling fruits and vegetables in the streets of Tunisia to make a living….

Then Bouazizi, being slapped by a police, feeling indignified, and then deciding to put himself into flames… What was he thinking?

Revolutions always fascinate me, not only because they manifest a people’s courage, their calls for dignity and rejection of all forms of explotation, but also because they are a means of transcendence.

People become one, and one stops fearing death; for death is nothing to living a dignified life, and if one dies, then BE IT, the rest will cherish a life of  dignity and hopefully of prosperity….

And thus when Bouaziz burned himslef, in the most unselfish of ways, to protest against the injustices and corruption in his counrty, he actually put the whole world into flames, and gave birth of a revolutionary wind meaning to sever the roots of despotism from Tunisia and Egypt -up to now- and is shaking the rest of the crowns….

Who is next?


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