The Unbearable Loss of Being

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Some say history repeats itselfs, others say people repeat history, some others stand speechless at the recurrence of the same stories over and over again.

Ten years ago, my three-year old cousin passed away. I was only a child by then, yet, I felt how painful that was. I cried and mourned him . But time kept flowing and I never forgot how painful that was for my aunt. Still, time went on, and she forgot or feigned to forget, just to keep going!

Less than ten months ago, my one-year old cousin passed away. She was cute and lovely; a sweetheart…. This time I was not shocked, for shock is nothing to what I felt. My heart was bruised, a part of it melt away, and pain never let go of me ever since !

I was sad to see the same story repeated once again, to see my aunt in the same

scene, crying over her child. This time I was of some help, hugging her, and trying to relieve the pain, sharing the pain even, and washing away her tears.

But te picture of Zineb could never go….. Zineb, the martyr of the poor judgement of placid-hearted doctors.

Rest In Peace my love,



3 thoughts on “The Unbearable Loss of Being

  1. May Allah belss her soul, sometimes life can be very cruel, but still it does go on, to forget is not easy and all we can say is alhamdulillah, and im sure Allah will not forget her mom cuz she suffered a lot and time will heal the wounds and joy will come her way for sure Allah is great………

    thanks for the memory and for the creativity of the text… keep up like i know you….

  2. thank you for sharing…Allah chose her…it is hard and sad…no matter how much and for how long u cry…it just keeps torturing you…but alhamdolillah…Allah blessed us with the gift of forgetting…

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