A once beautiful hideaway!

The music rises into the air manifesting the joyful rhythms of Taqtoqa by Al- Arousi and other local artists. The beautiful sceneries speak of a supreme beauty that freshens the air and with it the minds and hearts of the people breathing it. Ghafsai is small but a growing village situated 120 km north of Fez. It takes a two hour ride to get there if you take a Taxi from Bab Boujloud Al Mahata, Fez. The most suitable time for a visit is Saturday, as you will get a chance to see the weekly local market on Sunday Morning. If you decide to go to Ghafsai, a small problem is likely to arise, as the area does not have any hotel. Yet, you could be surprised as to the many people who will not mind accommodating you for a night or two. The very moment you get out of the taxi, you will meet the curious eyes of old people at the café on your right side. If you look to your left side, you will stand amazed at the beauty of Tzghadra Mountain that had been gloriously reaching up to the sky for ages. People in Ghafsai are simple and open hearted. You will meet the faces of the elderly, tender and full of wisdom. They will look at; inquire about your health and may invite you for a cup of tea. Young people are very lively. You will see them gathering in Cybers and trying to learn about the newest technologies and the best way to hack computers, email addresses, bank accounts, etc… As you walk through the only ‘boulevard’ in Ghafsai, you will meet with Jamal, the Algerian vagabond whose family left for Algeria long time ago. He likes to be the centre of attention of young people who never stop filming him and posting his videos in YouTube. You might also meet Shaama, the beggar, who knows every family’s story and would shower you with insults if you do not give her alms. The sceneries you would not want to miss are those of Hafat Abd-el-Ali or “The Suicide Rock” as we prefer to call it. Do not miss to take a picture there. You also will want to see the ex-colonizers sites and military bases located on top of the mountains. Finally, as you prepare to take leave on Sunday morning, you will not want to go without seeing the weekly market with its funny anecdotes and contradictions one of which is: cars being sold next to vegetables and fish; a scene that emerged as a result of the huge operation of the plantation of hashish in the area.


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